Since the non-profit corporation is in its infancy, we only have a preliminary idea of what volunteers are needed.  Generally, we will need chairpersons for marketing/publicity, fundraising events, website/email communications, researching and memorializing history and coordination of the structural improvements.  Volunteers are also needed to work with these chairpersons.

The Twin Lakes Community Schoolhouse Foundation Inc. is a local nonprofit organization consisting of Rathdrum/Twin Lakes area residents who are dedicated to the preservation of our 99 year old schoolhouse located at Upper Twin Lakes, and securing its future for our resident’s usage.   We desire our schoolhouse/community center to be a local gathering place for small groups, organizations and families.  Unfortunately, the building is in a much needed state of repairs.  We formed the TLCS Foundation in September of 2014 and obtained our 501-3(c) status shortly after that. We have received estimates for repairs from a structural engineer and we know what is needed to bring our historical building up to code so all can enjoy it. Along with applying for grants, we are taking advantage of fundraisers to help us meet our monetary goals and heighten public awareness.


   If you feel you can help in any way, please send an email to



We may add the ability to donate online, but this feature is not available now

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Twin Lakes Community Schoolhouse

10017 W. Twin Lakes Rd.

Rathdrum, ID  83858

Twin Lakes Community Schoolhouse

10017 W. Twin Lakes Rd

Rathdrum, ID  83858.



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